Our Services

  1. Auditing & Assurance
  2. Accounting & Supervision
  3. Internal Audit & System Review
  4. RERA Audit & Consultancy
  5. Business Valuation & Due Diligence Business
  6. Business Consulting Services
  7. Company Incorporation & Liquidation
  8. Information Technology
  9. Outsourcing & Payroll
  10. Offshore

Auditing & Assurance: Our audit specialists can provide an efficient and independent report to your shareholders about the company’s profitability and state of affairs. A good audit should also provide insight into areas to focus on for enhancing the performance of your business.

We provide a comprehensive range of dedicated corporate finance services. We are a relatively small integrated team providing you with director level advice and support. Working closely with other relevant teams including corporate tax, accountancy, private client and business advisory specialists, we ensure that at all times the advice we give encompasses all your needs.

Accounting & Supervision:  Our dedicated professionals review the financial systems to identify internal control weaknesses and suggest effective ways to install strong internal controls to achieve the goals of minimization of the risks of errors, omissions and frauds and to safeguard the assets of the organization.

Back-Office Support and Supervision Services – The owner/managers of small and medium-sized family owned and managed organizations may not find it viable to employ a full-time accountant nor can they afford to spend time to look after the accounting function. In such cases the important accounting function takes a back seat thus, NUF steps in to fill the vacuum of a qualified accountant and makes the owners and management free to concentrate on their business. Our Back-Office Support division offers full-range of our services, comprising:

  • Installation of accounting software;
  • Training the data-entry staff;
  • Monthly accounting and documentation;
  • Preparation of reconciliation statements;
  • Job costing;
  • Closure of monthly/quarterly accounts;
  • Devising of management report formats; and
  • Preparation of monthly/quarterly management reports.

For clients employing full-time junior accountants, we pay regular visits to assist the clients for the guidance and training of their staff, supervise their work and provide regular management reports. Thus, by structuring the package of our services we provide the clients continuity in their business and value for their money by assisting them in providing regular monthly management information to take informed and timely business decisions.

Computerization of Accounting Records – We provide new, innovative and customized solutions for accounts computerization. We supply and install some of the renowned Accounting Software (Tally.) that are most suitable for their business, conduct in-depth systems review, establish accounting and MIS needs and develop a suitable accounting system. We even customize documents and reports, train the users and extend after-sales support service for one year.

Internal Audit & System Review: Internal auditing is an independent, objective, assurance and consulting activity, designed to add value and improve an organization’s operations. It helps an organization accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.

NUF has a professional duty to provide an unbiased and objective view. As auditors, we remain independent from the operations we evaluate and report to the highest level in an organization, the senior managers and the governors, i.e. the board of directors or the board of trustees, the accounting officer or the audit committee.

RERA Audit & Consultancy : The Real Estate Regulatory Authority of UAE has approved about 25 auditors for carrying out audits of projects registered with them. These audits are essential for ESCROW Accounts, owners’ associations and trustee accounts. It is a part of the essential requirements prescribed by the RRA. We provide the above services for clients registered with RERA. Our staff has experience for the last decade in carrying out this specialized service.

Business Valuation & Due Diligence Business : When a company is involved in a merger, business start-up, acquisition or liquidation, it is important that it gets an expert advice in properly structuring the transition. We act as independent consultants offering our objective assistance in establishing methods of business valuation and performing due diligence.

We have significant experience in achieving unbeatable combination of accuracy, consistent high quality, transparency, speed, and cost-effectiveness for our business valuation services. Our specialized staff equipped with valuable experience and knowledge to provide customized services under complex situations.

Our valuation technique utilizes established valuation models (reports generally incorporate a number of different methodologies as an added check on the result) including analysis of both past and projected figures. Valuations also include a background of the company, future prospects and risk management profiles.

Business Consulting Services: Our Business Consulting Services Division provides a wide range of services covering:

  • Business Risk Services
  • Transaction Advisory Services
  • Forensic & Investigation Services
  • Business Diagnostic & Restructuring
  • Market Research & Analysis
  • Fixed Assets Management Services
  • Investment Counseling and Project Finance.

Company Incorporation & Liquidation: Dubai is universally acclaimed as a land of opportunities and it is an ideal location to conduct business due to the state-of-art infrastructure available. However, it is not always an easy and straightforward decision to choose the form of an entity one should have to fulfill his business goals.

A number of Free Zones initiated by the local governments provide infrastructure very conducive for any business venture offering significant tax, financial and operational benefits to investors for fast track returns on their investments which also create ample job opportunities to the local population as well as expatriates converging from all over the globe.

Guiding potential investors with proper entry-level strategy to suit to their requirements and goal is our forte. Our diversified client-base of varied business interests and nationalities is a testimony of the quality of our service in this regard. These initial ‘walk-in’ customers become our permanent clients as they get their professional needs fulfilled under one roof, NUF.

Our Partner, Mr. Umendra Chaturvedi handles this portfolio personally as he has tremendous experience and invaluable knowledge in understanding fully the client requirements and guiding the client with an apt corporate vehicle with appropriate capital structure. We take care of all the administrative burden of registration procedures thus, leaving the businessman free to get on with his business.

We specialize in the formation of Limited Liability, Free Zone as well as Off-Shore companies with the best professional support and guidance. Our thorough understanding of the local commercial laws helps in protecting the investors’ interests on a long-term basis.

NUF provides liquidation services in accordance with local laws and regulations. Our specialized team can guide the owners through the entire liquidation process until the final Liquidation Certificate is obtained.

During the liquidation process, we assist the owners in meeting their legal obligations by advising on practical steps necessary for the liquidation. We also assist in the preparation of a Statement of Affairs and supplementary information for presentation to creditors and to the authorities.

Information Technology : We provide specialist IT advice and support at all key stages of the business cycle, from the initial requirement to development and implementation of complex ERP Systems. Our core expertise is to develop customize IT solutions for Manufacturing and Banking Industry of India & Pakistan.

NUF conduct system study to find out the specific requirements of our clients and recommend the accounting software solutions most appropriate to the client’s needs. Before we recommend a product, we will analyze your requirements, make sure that we understand your business and suggest you the package assuring you to get the right solution for your business. We can also assist and execute implementation of accounting software like Tally, Peach Tree, Quick Books etc as well Inventory and Point of Sale software like Shoper9, Xpert etc. Customization for existing software, TDL Customization.

Outsourcing & payroll: If you are considering outsourcing your financial administration, we are well placed to assess your needs and provide the solution. We deliver consistent service quality that meets your evolving needs. Whatever the size of your organisation, our computerised and fully automated payroll service can free you from the burden of running payroll.

Offshore: We offer a wide-range of specialist offshore services that can help you to protect your assets, and minimise your tax liabilities through offshore structures, including trusts and companies